One common problem with 3Sixty Web Tour Maker and how to fix it temporarily

One of the common problems with this software that causes some panorama could not be loaded is file and directory name, that if you have empty space (white space), dash or underscore characters you will face this problem.

I think the solution is to temporarily rename your panorama files to not having those problematic characters until new update of this program is released.

How to add your custom hotspot icon for your panorama virtual tour in 3Sixty Web Tour Maker

NOTE: Currently since 3Sixty version 1.1.1 you can easily use any image file as hotspot icon. Check out this blog post:

All the hotspot icons in 3Sixty are base 64 encoded images and they are stored in a file named imagedata.js. You can create your own hotspot icon by converting any image, for example a transparent png image to base 64 encoded image by using this cool website then copy the code and paste it inside imagedata.js file.

In this video I will let you know how to add a custom icon to your 3Sixty Web Tour Maker software to be used as a hotspot icon in your virtual tour.

How to make 3D Max 360 Panorama Virtual Tour for web using 3Sixty Web Tour Maker for free

Obviously you can use equirectangular panorama photographs in 3Sixty to create your virtual tours. But even easier, if you know how to use 3D software, you can create your digital panoramas by creating 3D environment with any objects in it then render it as a panorama image, then you can import it in 3Sixty.

You can render 360 Panorama images using 3D Max as I showed in this video, and use the rendered panorama images in 3Sixty to make your own virtual tour website.

In this example project I showed you how to link one panorama to another panorama so you can navigate between two of them.

You need to run 3Sixty as Administrator

In Windows, you need to run 3Sixty Web Tour Maker as administrator to allow it modify project files.

Without this permission, the program will not able to generate and modify your project files.

Some users reported this problem and after some checking turned out that it need to be executed with administrator permission.

Right now I can not show a notification to it’s user whether it is running with admin permission already or not, so please manually right click on the program icon and click “Run as administrator” before starting it.

3Sixty very first bug fix

After releasing it on early January 2021, I got a report from first 3Sixty user, he said that the program can not import new panorama file.

I fixed the bug, then another user also reported that he can not add images and pdf files to the program.

So I checked again and solved the problem. The fixed version of 3Sixty is uploaded with same version number and same link. So please if you already downloaded it before this post, download it again, uninstall the old one from your computer and reinstall the new one.